FREE Drake Type Beat 2015 - Twitter Fingers [Prod.By Shaypz] lyrics

To fake nigguhs, I'm broke.
I ain't got shit to give.
Winning & sinning, that's just the life I live.
I'm like the greatest one, & I ain't even make it big.
Shitting on bitches, like I took some laxatives.
My team full of them illerz, get ya banana peeled.
You nigguhs hate, cause Imma mfuckin threat.
Ya'll fraud, I'm the realest that it's ever gon' get.
Tell them hoe nigguhs, that The Kidd's up next.
Cause I'm one, nigguh I been one.
A house, I'm tryna own one.
A car, I wanna loan one.
Just give it to my people, cause we always gotta stunt one.
Time, nigguh.
You wasting my time, nigguh.
belt around my waist, with the time nigguh.
Alpha gotta grind harder.
Just so we can shine bigger.
Always wanted to kick it, spend some time with Tigger.
I was only 7 then, so I guess I'm outta time.
Oh well.
Just give me a couple, duffle bags.
With the bands, in my hand.
I wanna stand on top top of world, & scream "I'm the fucking man".
Don't give a damn, if you haters hear me.
Bet, I make you feel me.
Like Cole did with that Born Sinner.
Yea, that nigguh gotta a feeling.
Of what life really is.
& how you gotta live.
& how you gotta do right.
Cause them people 'fore we lived.
Had put their blood, sweat, & tears.
In it, for a couple years.
To make this wiggers notice, that we ain't with the shits.
Take risk, nigguh.
Don't be a bitch, nigguh.
Tell'em fuck it, & be realer than the them " real nigguhs ".
You know, the ones who kill nigguhs.
& think that shit is cool yo.
You fool dumb ass, 12 want us on the news.
With a bunch a tools, so they can lock us up like old news.
Use your brain, go to school.
Cause the teachers told you first.
Life's gonna be cruel.
Everything ain't fair.
Ain't shit free but air.
The world is full of ignorant people, who DON'T CARE.
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