FIRST Time Hearing GHOST - FAITH lyrics

I can't believe I ain't told a story yet
About this shorty who forgot to shut the bedroom door before he left
A procedure he considered good luck cuz his hood struck
Poverty stricken, he's got no ambitions, thinking god isn't listening
He could have got someone killed
He's pretty humble for someone who got shot in his grill
He couldn't have picked a perfect time to hit the streets and roam around
Man this is so profound
Walking the block, wasn't worth it
I wonder why the cops would stop the first person who looks so called suspicious
So the officers searched him
What they found was his gwop, down in his sock, counting his profit
No sign of the clock but the cops have found a pound in his pocket
Now he's sweating, panicking, barely can breathe
Thankfully the cops took his weed and told him to leave
Gave him his cash back, we already have that,
He learned a hard lesson, god blessed him

‘cause god got me
Probably wondering why I made this song
That's why my faith is strong
‘cause god got me
Probably wondering why I made this song
That's why my faith is strong
‘cause god got me

I see why you rather, blame the person who had her
Using loose grammar, smoking bruce banner,
She went from nothing to something
Nobody wants her to function when there is a drunken uncle amongst the youngsters
And by the way, there's no holiday, that's all I'mma say
When she's working eight hours a day
It's not a good day, and what erased the smile on her face
Is the fact that she found out she got a child on the way
What's even worse is the person who put his seed in her
Talking delusional, like at first he didn't believe in her
At the moment, I ain't ready to have a child
I'mma take my time, but if I came inside, best believe I'mma claim what's mine
Now let me tell you what's amazing is how
She pray to god, now she don't have to struggle raising a child
She lived a righteous lifestyle before he took her soul
Learned it in the book of Job
That god tests us, god blessed us

‘cause god got me
Probably wondering why I made this song
That's why my faith is strong
‘cause god got me
Probably wondering why I made this song
That's why my faith is strong
‘cause god got me

You probably heard about this local who was dope but no one co-signed
A ghost who wrote rhymes, no joke, he hopes to blow in no time
Apart from the music my mother taught me, cuz my father was useless
All he would do was make up all these excuses
As hard as it felt, eversince I got a job at eighteen
I told myself I'd never ask my father for help
He's not a lousy dude, it's just my pride, it won't allow me to
Hey pops, your kids are grown now, and you know how we do
Ever since '05 I been traumatized since I seen my grandma die before my own eyes
It's the depressing, stressin‘, asking questions in my prayers, is you hearing me god?
Don't wanna work this security job, graveyard shift
I'd rather be on tour performing, whores are swarming
And it'd be lit til like four in the morning
And to all of you repeating mistakes, you better be smarter
None greater than the maker, praise you heavenly father

Huh, yeah
I feel like I still can't complain, you know what I mean?
I'm still living
Most importantly, god has never failed me yet
So i'mma keep rocking on
God got me
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