Desde O Primeiro Sim - Bruna Karla (Clipe Oficial MK Music) lyrics

In the king's vision, He was the fourth man
More for Church, the first to arrive
In the vision of the king, like the son of the gods
More to the Church, He is God himself
He admired the king because the fire did not consume him.
The king did not understand, that the fire obeyed him

In the king's view, it was only a furnace
More for the Church the scenario of miracles
For the king, a simple execution
A punishment, a rebuke
More for the Church to act the Lord
God showing that the believer is the winner

Who walks by the fire and will never burn
In the furnace God with him is
For the king God revealed His power
And He said that His children will not die
In the furnace man will light

May rest and glorify
Your God is faithful, He will not be late.
Enter the furnace, walk by the fire
Do not worry, your God will deliver you.
May rest and glorify
Get out of the furnace with blessings to tell
Prepare a banquet, invite your friends
Your God is faithful, He will not forsake you.
Your God is tremendous, the fire obeys you.
He is Omnipresent, the first to arrive

He is mighty, He is glorified.
He is exalted, the first to arrive
He is Sovereign, Magnified
Forever exalted, with you will be
It is wonderful, holy and desired.
Strong and magnificent, forever Adored

May worship and glorify
The First of the furnace has already arrived in this place
May worship and glorify
The God who is Tremendo is in this place.
You can love it!
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