DA PUMP / Circle of Life lyrics

Yeah, this song here is called circle of life
I wrote this dedicated to my daughter Aaliyah Carrillo
Man, it's been such an experience being a father
Really can't describe it in words, but I'm gonna try for you
Uhh, yeah. January 29th we arrived at the hospital
January 30th the baby was born
Tears of joy, me and your mother we cried
22 hours of labor, never left her side
I was there every second, every minute, every hour
Every step, every breath, every word the doctor said
Your mamma having a fit when I'm pushing her legs
But I was so excited when I seen the hair on your head
This is it, the moment of truth, your finnaly here
I don't know how I should feel, all I know is I'm scared
Doctor Lou was there and both of your grandma's where there
And we all cried as you arrived with open eyes
But you couldn't breathe properly because of the cord
So she handed me the sciccors, and your daddy I cut
That was what's up, what a hell of a night
I'm so proud I completed the circle of life, and your here
[Chorus: Lee Wilson]
Circle of life you opened my eyes and now I see light
My love, my heart, and so you are the sunshine
Because of you now I chose to live life right
Yoooouuuuu are my sunshiiine
[Scratches by DC:]
Jaz-O & The Immobilarie - Love Is Gone

"Ayo nothing I hear greater than being called a daddy"
Uh my baby, I really can decribe on a track
The way that I feel for you, cause it's deeper than that
It's love, but your mommy doesn't have it for me
And that's hard, but it really doesn't matter to me
Along as I'm here for you I'm gonna make things right
I'm gonna teach you how to read and how to say things right
Education is a must ain't no takin' the bus
On the highway of life, I'll teach you to fly right
I'm gonna teach you about honor, and teach you about trust
Teach you about love, and teach you about lust
I'm gonna teach you self defence incase you get tested
Cause kids are cruel and they ain't got affection
And alot of people envy when you got nice things
Like chains and rings and diamond ear rings
And your only 4 months, so imagine in time
When your only 16 with a car like mine
And it's hard, trying to raise a woman being a man
But this one thing I promise that I will not fail
And I swear on everybody that's related to you
From your pops, baby this is dedicated to you, your my love
[Chorus + Scratches]
I promise your first christmas I'm gonna be there
I promise your first birthday I'm gonna be there
Along with the rest, your father was blessed
Sometimes I can't believe that your part of my flesh
Your beautiful just like your mother is, only your pure
Your like the sun, moon and the stars, only your more
And it's hard, baby I got a career and it's raw
And sometimes I gotta tour just to open up doors
But I swear I'd rather take care of you and be poor
Than to be rich rich without you, and your belly is sore
And maybe one of the reasons that your mommy's so I'll
Cause she never had a daddy, but I promise you will
And I'm gonna be your best friend, not only your pop
So if you ever got a problem you can call me and talk
I was lost, until you showed me the light
And I'm dedicating my life to raising you right, your my love
[Lee Wilson:]
Ohhh Aaliyah
Baby girl you are my sunshine
Ohhh Aaliyah
Baby girl you are yeah
You bring me joy in my life
Ohh Aaliyah
You gotta know daddy loves you
Your my baby girl
You are my joy, my joy
Ohhh daddy loves you
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