Chris Brown Feat. Common - Fine China (Remix) lyrics

feat. Common

[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Baby, does hAnnotatee do it for you?
When he's finished, does he step back and adore you?
I just gotta know, cause your time is money
And I won't let him waste it, ooh no no
Baby, just go with it
Cause when you're with me, I can't explain it, it's just different
We can take it slow or act like you're my girl let's skip the basics, woah oh

[Bridge: Chris Brown]
He's so replaceable
You're worth the chase, you put it on

[Hook: Chris Brown]
It's alright, I'm not dangerous
When you're mine, I'll be generous
You're irreplaceable
A collectible, just like fine china

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Favorite, you're my favorite
It's like all the girls around me don't have faces
And the saying goes
Life is just a game but I'm not playing, woah oh

[Bridge: Chris Brown]

[Hook 2x: Chris Brown]

[Verse 3: Common]
Defined by your fineness
From behind I watch you, you timeless
Come sit next to your highness
Get your nails done in different climates
Indian hair, that's from China
Stay open all night, you my diner
You a definition of a rider
Our sex is on house arrest, I stay inside ya
We could be best friends, me, you and diamonds
Climax and keep climbing, I hand you refinement
Like an assignment and watch you work that shit
We spend time and money cause you worth that shit
You could be dirty or Princess Diana
Cause you know the streets of Paris to Atlanta
Glamour with a panoramic view for me to scan her
I love this sister like I'm Tony Montana
School her with grammar
Get her mind in a golden state like Hammer
Shine bright like a gamma, ray with the things that I say
Make her want to love, honor and obey
I could be your Thriller, you could be my Ola Ray
You my fine china girl, I never throw away

[Hook: Chris Brown]

[Verse 4: Chris Brown]
Took me awhile to find, your love
Ain't no amount of time, in this world
Save me a lot of time, and just love me
Dearly baby, feel it in your soul
Are you ready?
I know your heart been telling you, you belong to me

[Hook: Chris Brown]
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