CMT Awards with Kane Brown lyrics

i'm a city slicker
better believe i kick it in the scenic
here the trees meet the cement
i'm a tennessee hethen
my heart quit beaten
yeah i'm a chattanooga hooligan
till they call and do me in
i grew up on the north side
a.k.a North Shore
where the feds
won't keep beating me
on your door
lay up all night
they on white ligthining
i mean low change
they got a pipe
they stuffing cocaine
got hot summers
hot nights
hot days
hot cars
hot blocks
hot babes
they got perfect curves
but not brains
oh well we all
want them to roll
a car and
party like no tomorrow
so please pass me the jackie
and the marlboro
live fast die young
and do what i want to do
why i'm a tenneessee
or a choo choo
as a binder root
see what i see
you gotta
hope in the whip with me
baby lets ride
i'mma show you
the city lights
and i'mma show you the country side
lets roll
yeah lets rolll
lets rolll
yeah lets roll
i know somebody
want to ride in my passenger side
soembody got to want to ride
somebody want to ride in my passenager side
somebody got to want to ride
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