Bart Baker - We Can't Stop (Lyrics) lyrics

hungover, hungover, hungover
woke up an organ donar
bent over, bent over
throwing up next to a big black stoner
can't stop puking
where'd i get this ring?
hey i have one too we must have married this morning
who's that kid?, who's that kid?, who's that kid?
oh shit he is adopted
i'm tatted
i'm tatted
god damnit i wonder what else we did
can't remember shit
need to check our pics
we totally blacked out
what the hell dude did we kiss?
smells like a skunk just farted out bud
psy weighs a ton i'm a rapping skeleton
it's alright i look like the black slenderman
"Gentleman" was better than this song
still think i'm rasta mon
yea my braids so old they got cobwebs
last night was not fun
afraid we touhed willys
really for sure that
in this video Psy spends more time eating noodles than he soes singing
this song is a miss
i just took a piss
that's why the water looks like this
eenie meenie miney mae
this beat copied "Harlem Shake"
it is in my contract to always be in a jaccuzi
drinking again to forget that we made a porn
we were drunk so messed up
found a bird inside my butt
i love you Snoop Dogg
love you to William Hung
come on man
come on man
why? wassup?
wrong asian man
i fucked up
it's time to smoke
hen Psy winks it looks like he's having a stroke
this song is shit
all of the lyrics are completely worthless
might as well just be saying random shit
lawn mower. lawn mower, lawn mower, lawn mower, lawn mower
october, october, october, october, tober, tober
dead grover, dead grover, dead grover, dead grover, grover, grover
somebody cut me down when this awfull song is over
wakin and bakin, smoked way to much
all of the weeds changing my brain into mush
can someone tell me how i ended up in Korea?
tippin and drippin, my granpa flow
just changed my name again a hour ago
time to brainstorm more animals
so i can change my name so mo
Snoop Panda, Snoop Donkey, Snoop Demesticated Fox, Snoop the Canary, Snoop Rhinocerus
S-N-O-O-P- insert
lion or leopard
might as well be an apple computer
a millie, a millie, a millie
this sounds just like "A Millie"
copied me, copied me
you assholes straight jacked my beat
me and Snoop are lifelong
like Rodman and Kim Jong
hold it up
you guys suck
nowhere near
the two of us
you don't stand a chance
we're the better bromance
what the fuck?
shut it up
shit what's that?
i blow them up
shit what's that?
i blow them up
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