Angel City - Sunrise (Music Video) lyrics

The sun don't set in Gettysville
The place that I call home
A thousand people walk these streets
But we're still all alone

This city's isolation
Like the drug that paves the roads
Take the subway uptown
To my mother's place

She's got a thousand friends
But all they know of her's, her face
All alone inside her head
Her thoughts begin to race

Live it up
Live it up they say
Live it up
No time to waste your life away

Next door to me the ceiling leaks
Cracks stretch across the walls
Like skeletons of dreams deceased
Too brittle to evolve

He lies beneath his plastic sheets
Bitter and blind to all
Shadows beneath his sunken eyes
Now taint all that he sees

Like burned and blackened photographs
Life's easier a dream
He settles for a cheap escape
Forgets all he believed

Live it up
Live it up they say
Live it up
Things haven't always been this way

I watched my whole world crumble
As I dried my mother's tears
And learned to never stumble
As I calmed my father's fears

They say I've seen a lot
They say I'm wise beyond my years
Though my castle may have crumbled
I won't face the world alone

The youth has seen the rubble
And we're ready for the load
As this city burns
My generation's shouting in the roads

Live it up
Live it up they say
Live it up
Things havn't always been this way

Live it up
We better turn this boat around
If we keep on following the gold
Someday we are gonna run aground

Live it up
Live it up we say
Live it up
'Cause now its in our hands to make change
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