Amanyth - Sooner or Later (feat Christina Courtin) lyrics

(Sooner or later) she'll make you lose your mind and rob you of your sanity
Can I make it look like suicide?
Am I comin', am I goin'
I'm really not knowin' anymore, and then I get to thinkin'
I'm hearing voices in my head
Sometimes they tell me love her, most times they tell me kill her
She loves me, I hate her, she hates me, I love her
Murder sooner or later, I blame her

Sooner or later she gon' break my heart
Knew it from the get knew it from the start
Sooner or later she gone ache my heart
Sooner or later see a bite go bark
This ain't cool, takin' a chance, sooner or later she gon' miss her fam
So maybe I should miss my fans and hop back on the road again before my heart explode again
I get the 9 millimeter and pop the clip check the bullets then load it in
Cause I'm lettin' these cigarettes smoke they self
24 beers lined up on the shelf
Halfway filled so I'm halfway felt
Halfway like I wanna kill myself
And halfway wrong when I'm halfway right
She think I'm wrong more than half the time
Half the time I'm in the acid mind, most of time I gotta ask my 9
Most the time I gotta ask the Budweiser thinkin' that the beer gon' answer back
I do know, if a nigga go inside you, he ride you, better never ask me back
(Fuck that)
It is what it is
Run DMC, it's like that
Come with me, got som'n to see
Remember the days I had you comin' in threes?
You always be thinking you be runnin' this relationship
But the fact is you runnin' me and the homies like ain't that som'n to see

Sooner or later I'mma just give up
This ain't love, love is different
I ain't feelin' it, yes I am
I'm in love, in love with killin'
Everybody around, I might kill 'em
Body up in the ground, naw I'm just playin'
I be up in the town, I'm just livin'
But everyday ain't Thanksgiving
Found that out quicker than cookin' a frank in the kitchen
Niggas ain't lovin' me I can dig it
Dig me a couple of holes and just end it
Me and my girl, we splendid
You don't have to try and act like you care and ask me, "homie, what is this?"
Bout to get a axe murder, 1 no livin'
Turn a motherfucka into deep-fried chicken
I don't give a fuck cause I'm sicc like Michael... Douglas, that's why i love my nigga
His girl's 20 years younger like mine is, everybody thinks she don't know what time it is
Everybody think I don't know what time it is
I'll deal with it, I'll change the time out this
Rhymin' is how i get by, run up
I roll with the sicc side, gun up
Who wanna try 'n' get with me, none up
Only reason I ain't killin', sun's up
When it get dark then I'm back to the park
Cut through the back then I'm after the heart
You always be thinkin' you be runnin' this relationship, but the fact is you runnin' me
And my girl's like ain't that som'n to see

Sooner or later she'll know what's up
Sittin' in the park, smokin' on a blunt
Me and my girlfriend, roll another blunt
Understand I'm naked, Mannibalector
Cannibal reckless, blood on my necklace
Me doin' murder is something like sex is
I get off, dirty boxes
Cold as Foxborough, gimmie a locksmith
Broke the chain and I was tryna' get in
Broke the chain, yeah now I'm in
Crippin' in the hallway, planned it all day
Therapist texting my phone
I don't need to meet her I got a heater believe it
I will hide in ya home
And I will slide in ya home with a knife
I will slide real slow with a knife
Doin' it, even though I know it ain't right
You can get murder by murder by night
Better know I do it
I get into it like 6-4, slam the door
I don't give a fuck or a damn no more
I be livin' like an animal, a cannibal
Eatin' meat
I know y'all love it when I say I eat meat
But will you love it when I bring the heat?
I love it when you take DNA off the black concrete
You always be thinkin' you be runnin' this relationship but the fact is you runnin' me
And my mom's like ain't that som'n to see

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