Adele - "Hello" PARODY lyrics

help me
i have no service
i shouldn't have switched to AT&T
I cannot
event tweet
mi entire world is crashing down
I feel like I'm dying
Can you hear me?
Adele calm down use the landline
you are such a drama queen!
No I cancelled that
last week
I'm having a panic attack!
Just try outside stop crying
This entire song is
one giant
first world problem rant
Hello oh God no why?
I still have zero bars outside
I'm so screwed my life is
crumbling before my eyes
wait I know I'll go
back in
and connect with wifi
Oh no I'm locked outside
I can't fucking believe this
Please come to the door
and let me back in the home
it's 50 degrees and all I
have is this massive coat
I'm so cold
Thank God
a payphone
In the middle of the woods
makes perfect sense normal totally
come on
pick it up
I cant believe I'm locked out of the house
and you're not answering
it's been an hour
since my last tweet
my fans must think I'm dead
Help me I cannot get online
if I do not say hello I
will lose my following
they will forget about me
wait hold up I have a
bar now I can tweet
Hello I'm still alive
I have bad service locked outside
(She can't get in her house)
(and her service is bad)
(Oh God poor Adele her life is
in shambles it's so sad)
It's the worst day of my life
and now my fucking phone just died
everything's gone wrong my
world's falling apart
I might as well just give up and
shove this knife in my heart
Goodbye world!
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