: Bandz, Bandz, Bandz, Bandz
I got nothing but hundreds in my bag
Broke bitches sneak dissin' cause they mad
Designer on my ear bitch I'm bad
Thots hating, I just laugh but it's sad

Bitch you mad! (why you mad)
Bitch you mad! (why you mad)
Bitch you mad! (why you mad)
Bitch you mad! (why you mad)

I'mma keep it 1hunna
Got a bag full of hundreds
Broke bitches be fronting, they ain't getting no money
Bitch I'm katie got Bandz
Finna' drum it like A band
You a opp getting fans, and I put that on the mans
My bands be truie (Trueeee)
My bag be louie (Louuuuu)
I rock with louie!, Louie gang, King louie
We be Lawless Inc

Don't give a fuck what you think
Shout out to them pinks, they'll leave ho a stink, cooling in Chiraq!
Talk shit get wacked, My niggas on that!
Hit a drill for a stack, in the club throwing racks!, hit the trial make it back
Every track I'm on, that's a hit bring it back!

[ ]:

I'mma keep it 3hunna, weave cost 5 hundred
Shoes cost 300, Cause I get my J's early!
Got these hoes looking pissed, cause they ain't rocking like this
Got her nigga on my clit, Fall back Lil' bitch!
Cause it'll be a hit, when i shoot Ion' miss
Gun blow you a kiss, hit you right in yo' shits
Swerve off in that foreign, catch up cause I'm scoring!
Your boyfriend boring, I'd rather be touring
We eating all the shits', Tron' got a bitch bit!
Spazzin out throwing rent, I be flexing like A BITCH!
Money mob, Band gang! can't believe that he stain
4 dollars get change, bitch i do my damn thang. { BANDZ}

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