08. Andre Andreo - Sensual Bay lyrics

By the time you hear this I'm gon' be drunk at the O's game
Fuck the Blue Jays they ain't got no game
I'm a Phills fan but I can rep both teams
Fuck Joe Carter, man that asshole needs Rogaine
Still bitter 'bout '93 man
That damn grandslam made me master P - uh
I was just 10 naturally
Cried in my bed when the Phillies lost the seas- fuck
2010 and we'll bash your team
Win another World Series, man it has to be
J-Roll needs another matching ring
It's about to get rough grab the Vaseline
Cause we'll fuck your team up
Our bats are mean'a
Our shirts get dirty
You cats look cleaned up
We bout our business, but y'all like to talk a lot
Looks like Howard knocked another in the parking lot
Broken windshield, you stay in the infield
While I run columns taller than David Windfield
Been healed, no problem. '08 got em
Tampa Bay Rays can't phase my squadron
Probably woulda beat 'em if we only had bobs in
'Specially when you throwin' like Hillary Rodham
Problem, from top to bottom
Even though Jamie Moyer's got 5 years on my father
One nut Kruk'd ya, best of luck to ya'
Back up off the plate or Halladay might touch ya'
Pinstripe punk ya', J. Worth clutch
Opposite of that little Albert Haynesworth clutz
Peace to McNabb, I'm gonna' miss ya' big fella'
I feel like A. Reid treated you like Old Yeller
Kinda' did you wrong, I'm sorry for that
But Mr. Kolb stand up, it's time to murder some cats
'Bout to cop my swing box, get my boys ring'd up
Tear the others up like Tiger Woods' prenup - uh
Philly hits hard, just call us P-funk
Got the other teams sayin': "Aw fuck, we suck"

Go hard, Black Paisley
E-dubble mania
This is what we do, this is how we get crazy
Fuck it that's the real shit, on the real tip
I don't even know, but I'm 'bout to go to [???]
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