'Bhar Do Jholi Meri' Full Song with LYRICS - Adnan Sami | Bajrangi Bhaijaan | Salman Khan lyrics

Drink to the proud and noble Chocobo
The only friend I know
Gets me where I need to go

Let's have a pint to this majestic beast
I'll ride 'er west and east
Until I'm quite deceased

Why get a horse when you can ride Big Bird?
They're smart and they're and friendly and they only know one word (Kweh)
Love and affection, boy-o that's the key
They mean the world to me, and damn, their meat is tasty!

Raise twenty glasses to my feathered belle
I think she likes her cell
It's frankly hard to tell

I treat her goodly even when she snores
It's hard to do her chores
With all the saddle sores

She's like a butler but she gets no pay
So please don't tell PETA or the ASPCA
I keep her addicted to the Gysahl Greens
That's why she cooks and cleans, my winged little crack fiend

Whether they're black, white, yellow, big or small
Let's drink to Chocobos, 'cause bloody hell, I love 'em all!
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