¨Tiësto - La Ride (Present by Deizerk Advance Dj) lyrics

Tipica Rodolfo
La Colegiala
La Colegiala (Sung By Rodolfo Y Su Tipica - Music
Hoy te he visto con tus libros - Today I saw you with your books
caminando y tu carita de coqueta - walking with a pretty face
colegiala de mi amor - schoolgirl of my love
Tu sonries sin pensar - You smile without thinking
que al mirarte - that, just while I am watching you
solo porque estoy sufriendo - only because I am suffering
colegiala de mi amor. - schoolgirl of my love
(Esto es para ti mamita!) - This is for you, mummy! (Spoken)
(Baila con la Tipica!) - Dance with the Tipica (other shout)
Colegiala colegiala... schoolgirl, schoolgirl
colegiala linda colegiala -- schoolgirl, nice schoolgirl
Colegiala... no seas tan coqueta -- don't be so pretty
colegiala... al decirme que si - schoolgirl... when you say yes to me
(Baila la cumbia! - dance the "cumbia" - shout)
hasta la seis de la manana. - till six o' clock in the morning
(Maybe some of the words that are shouted by the group were in other
versions, I could not hear that in mine, which was by some group called
G.L. Band)
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